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Climate Change Accounting Goes Public in a Big Way

By Mindy S. Lubber

Jun 19, 2009

By showing us all the day-to-day environmental toll of our actions it will, in one small way, help move decision-makers – from Washington to your kitchen table – to attach real, honestly-measured prices to those actions. And that type of transparency in turn will inspire a wave of change and innovation that will change the rules of the game, environmentally and economically.

Honest accounting, out in the open. That's what we need.

With accurate pricing of risks in place, we can build tomorrow's strong, clean, healthy economy while simultaneously slaying today's scariest environmental and economic threats.

Just because we counted right.

The Duetche bank is one of

The Duetche bank is one of the founding banks for the Federal Reserve, you know, the system of printing fiat money and charging interest on it that can never be paid back.

Hence the desire for them to create similar other business ventures, charging for co2 emissions which is what plants and trees like to breathe. Other planets in our solar system are also heating up, can that be from mans co2 use?

Nope. It’s all a natural cycle of the suns sun spots

that and the Duetche bank looking for ways to enslave us all, when the reality is, the constitution makes “the Fed” illegal, still it continues to charge interest and mount debt

tick tock, don’t look at that clock

as with all magic you are supposed to follow

Fossil fuels are hitting peak, the USA which burns one out of every 4 barrels of oil, hit peak oil in the 70’s. Canada hit peak oil in 1985 if it wasn’t for oilsands, all of North America would be a net importer especially with Mexico major well facing massive year over year declines.

So how can you worry about CO2 which is air for plants, when reserves are being depleted anyways?

This Carbon tax is a sham, but it’s nice to see the Dueche bank after it’s own desires, taxing and charging us for what should be free.

In the end, lack of oil will cause CO2 to lower, along with higher oil prices, but the banks who are interested in keeping your dollars will be out to tax what the sun is in fact doing to other planets!

Watch the BBC documentary, on how CO2 does not effect global warming!

Reply to No Correlation

Judy, Judy, Judy. You needn't flaunt your ignorance. Do you honestly believe that you've stumbled upon something that every leading scientific body missed? Or is it perhaps possible that you're misinformed or, more likely, you're scouring FOX News' website for any tidbit you can find that would support your favorite conclusion? Go sit in the corner, honey, and let the adults sit down and fix this.

Studies also show that, just like polar ice, the blocks of blockheads that cling to misinformation like dogs with bones are melting away to isolated islands. Not a moment too soon.

No Correlation

It is amazing to me that the fact that although there is no longer any correlation between temperature and increases in CO2 in the atmosphere, the band plays on.

As can be clearly seen, temperatures have been dropping since 2002 even though CO2 continues upward.
A simple correlation = no causation.
Added to that, is the other fact that all of human activity only accounts for 3% of the total amount in the atmosphere. Hello?
Is anybody home?

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