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Clean Energy Blueprint

It was put together by the Union of Concerned Scientists with the assistance of the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) and the Tellus Institute. The blueprint provides a portfolio of policies for federal adoption that would provide the incentives needed for this century's moonshot. Here's the plan:

Renewable portfolio standard
requiring electricity suppliers to gradually increase renewable energy (except for hydropower)from about 2% today to 20% by 2020

Energy security trust fund
(or public benefi trust fund) created by a 2/10ths of a cent/kWh charge on electricity (about $1 per month for a typical household).

Production tax credits
of 1.7¢/kWh for renewable energy extended and expanded to cover all clean, non-hydropower renewable resources

Net metering.
It allows consumers who generate their own electricity with renewable energy systems to sell their surplus power by spinning their meters backward

Research and development
spending on renewable energy and efficiency increased 60% over three years

Combined heat and power plants
supported by incentives for efficient plants that produce both electricity and useful heat

National efficiency standards
that include minimum standards for a dozen energy-consuming products

State building codes upgraded
to model codes established in 1999 and 2000 and to more advanced codes by 2010

Tax incentives
to encourage improving the energy efficiency of buildings and equipment beyond minimum standards

Industrial efficiency measures
to improve industry’s efficiency by 1% to 2% each year

The projected results?

  • Saving consumers money -- by 2020, a typical family would save $350 on energy bills
  • Protecting the environment -- by 2020, power plant carbon emissions would be reduced by 67%.
  • Diversifying energy supply and creating a more secure energy future.

The end.

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