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Smart Grid: Where Home Appliances Automatically Day-Trade Electricity

By David Sassoon

Jan 11, 2008

How curious, the profit motive trumping the public good under the current structure of the energy market. But there's actually another lesson embedded in this story, in which the profit motive and the public good are aligned. It goes like this.

The $70 billion of potential savings creates sufficient incentive to move the nation to Smart Grid technology. The effort would be an engine of economic development and job creation. Think of all the people that will be needed to install these simple devices. Think of all the software IBM could license. Think of all the home gateways that Invensys could sell. Think of the competing products that would hit the market.

And think of the civic engagement this would engender, with consumers encouraged to make intelligent choices on the Smart Grid -- to save money and save energy -- instead of being manipulated into purchasing products nobody really needs, for the sake of consumption.


Another aspect is the

Another aspect is the heating efficiency of the new ranges of now available. These teamed up with digital thermostats gives you ultimate control.

Forget smart grid and go off-grid!

Smart grid will cost you more for power while forcing you to use less and have to buy new "smart" appliances at higher costs.

Go off-grid and get out of the slavery you are in to the utility companies.

Fifteen years off-grid, no house payments and no utility bills - life is great!

I would agree

Things are moving fast nowadays. We just recently upgraded all of our appliances in our home to Energy Star approved appliances so that we can save money on our power bills and help save the environment at the same time!

Everything changes so fast

Everything changes so fast that I can hardly face it. I just renewed all my in order to get greener results. Even so it seems that I am few steps behind.

Give me a suggestion

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