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Governor of Kansas Standing Tall at Ground Zero of Dirty Coal

By David Sassoon

Mar 21, 2008

Governor Kathleen Sebelius is standing tall at , and unlike presidential candidates Clinton and Obama campaigning this week in West Virginia, she's not blinking.

Today she vetoed a bill thrown at her from the Kansas legislature that would allow Kansas to become the home of at least two new coal-fired power plants, and perhaps many more without serious restriction. Kansas doesn't need most of the power, industry wants to export it to other states. Listen to her words:

Of all the duties and responsibilities entrusted to me as Governor, none is greater than my obligation to protect the health and well-being of the people of Kansas.....For that reason, I must veto House Substitute for SB 327.

This decision not only preserves Kansans health and upholds our moral obligation to be good stewards of this beautiful land, but will also enhance our prospects for strong and sustainable economic growth throughout our state. Instead of building two new coal plants, which would produce 11 million new tons of carbon dioxide each year, I support pursuing other, more promising energy and economic development alternatives.

This is one case where plagiarism would be most welcome from Clinton and Obama strategists. There's more.

With the increasing pressure for the federal government to develop national standards for carbon emissions, there is a high probability coal will become a lot more expensive in the next several years. Countries throughout Europe and South America already have standards in place and states are following suit.

Federal legislation has been introduced that would have the net impact of taxing carbon. If any of the proposals are adopted, utility companies and their customers will pay far more for energy which produces carbon. It will also require spending billions on equipment to clean the atmosphere as thoroughly as possible. Building additional coal plants now is likely to create a significant economic liability for Kansas in the future.

The Governor's press release and .

Sebelius for President!

Maybe SHE can be our first woman president...

Obama-Sebelius 2008?

Nice post and great work from Sebelius in Kansas. She is inspiring!

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