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GM to Sell Hummer Brand -- Now the Auto Industry's Worst Performer

By David Sassoon

Jun 3, 2008

Saying that the market shift to smaller vehicles is permanent, Rick Wagoner, the General Motors CEO, today announced that the company is considering the sale of the Hummer brand. Wagoner also announced the closing of 4 truck plants and said the company would focus on making smaller calls -- including its electric vehicle, the Volt.

For a number of years the Hummer was one of GM's strongest brands. Now it is its worst -- in fact it is currently the worst-performing car brand in the US auto industry, with sales down 30% over the last year.

While announcing the possible sale, Wagoner did not specify who would be foolish enough to buy the troubled brand.

Perhaps the American Museum of Natural History should consider an acquisition for its great hall of dinosaurs.

Hummers are great vehicles

My Rolls gets less mileage than my Hummer fleet (I have four of various years) for my wife and teen children. The arrogance of the poor to dictate to the wealthy how to live. You are the fertilizer. In a highway crash, the Hummer drivers and passengers walk away unharmed, the meat wagon with shovels comes for your loved ones flattened in "smart" cars. So they are not the smart in an inelastic collision.

This is a big nation. Some of us still think big. We don't apologize for our success by stooping down to get into a tiny car and apologizing for our existence. I will use as much gasoline as I like and if you can't afford it, tough. It is not like your life is so useful that I should even care whether you drive a car or ride a bike. I am not here to service your worthless life. If your idea of success is pulling a rickshaw so your neighbor will give you green points than have at it. Just keep that backwards mentality off the roads when I am going to work. Make something of your lives instead of huddling together with weaklings and liberal politicians that talk one line to you but live fat.

Where else could you find such useless hypocrisy as politicians who contribute nothing to the engine of economy but act like royalty? With their new socialized health plan, try to remember that politicians already have their own plan, no deductible, no care option limitations, lasts a lifetime covers all costs including medications, dental, and their families. And you fools think these clowns have the answers. They throw you crumbs and you stupidly lap it up. They are worthless unproductive losers. So do me a favor and don't do my thinking for me and don't tell me what to drive or how to live my life. You are not worthy of one second of my life. You have wasted your life and become a nobody. So go be a nobody and quit trying to foist your loser's philosophy on everyone else. Smart wealthy people don't need your pablum for the masses. We are not you and we don't want to become like you. In fact if my children turned out to be loser like you, I would disown them. I have no use for bottomed out tattooed losers with bad teeth and fried brains; you know, liberals.

A course in correct English

A course in correct English speech would help you it seems , especially the American speech problem (ie THAN rather then THEN), would make you're obnoxious post seem more credible you ignorant cretin ..............
Does your pet have a small 'Hummer ' too , and when was the last time you're more than LIKELY equally obnoxious wife give you a Hummer ?


We use HUMMERS to save lives, to rescue people in places where no other vehicle can get. HUMMER is more than just a statement vehicle, it's an amazing machine that carries our soldiers through war and aids in rescue efforts. Don't take this tool from us!

Hummers Help-

Yeah dude Hummers- (HUMVEES that is) help a LOT.....but what this article is talking about is GM Hummers products. These are not quite as utilitariun. The military ones you are thinking of are made by AM General.... Not affiliated with Hummer H2's or H3's and are made in a separate factory.. Don't confuse one with the other... although the H2 is also a world class off-road vehicle...just doesn't defend against bullets.


It's such a shame that GM let the Hummer brand go just because it was foreseen that the shift to smaller cars will be permanent. They should have just tried to modified its parts and so that it would still sell in the market either as a hybrid or electric Hummer. Besides, I can't imagine who will want to buy the Hummer brand.

Well GM like all the other

Well GM like all the other brand want to have a hit in every categories of cars and trucks , Hummer was definitively a hit in is class. Yes it is nice to consider smaller cars in the futur but imagine a construction contractor with a Honda Fit ????? it simply doesn't fit at all.... Then try to pull your boat with a Fit ??? You see I agree 100 % with the fact that not every one need a Hummer, you realy dont need a Hummer to go to the supermarket or to drive on the highway all year long but for some people it is mandatory to have a vehicule that can pull a heavy load and be able to get out of the city streets and get deep in the woods for different reason. So why dont they just check when you buy a vehicule if you realy need it. If it is just to flash at the supermarket you just dont need it ,that's it.

Make Hummer More Luxurious than simply just sell it!

In term of mileage, I guess a Ferrari or Lamborghini is even worse than Hummer. What's more, they carrier far less passengers than Hummer.

GM should make Hummer a super luxury 4X4 brand like Land Rover or even Rolls Royce,Bentley and Maybach. Handworking can be adopted if necessary,as Spyker from Netherland.

Selling Hummer cannot a huge mistake for GM.

I Wanna Know


How Many People Would Want To Buy A Car That Get Probably 10 Miles To A Gallon On The Highway With Gas At $4.00 Almost $5.00 A Gallon

Gm Is Doing The Right Thing By Selling The Hummer Brand

Get your facts straight

Get your facts straight there. The h3 gets 23 mpg highway, better than most suv's on the road and I would still argue the h2 gets the same MPG as most suv's. If anything should be taken off the market because of gas efficency, its tractor trailors and diesels that waste the gas and polute the enviornment most. HUMMER is simply targeted because its a HUMMER why dont you go drive one, use it off road to save some lives in rescues, then let us know what you really think about the vehicle befor you talk shit. . .

Where did you get your data??

I am curious where you got your data about gas mileage. According to the Consumer Reports 2009 New Car Buying Guide, the H3 only gets 14 mpg city/18 highway. Checking various car buying sites show similar data. The H2 shows about about 10/14 mpg. The GMC Yukon gets 14/19, similar the the H3 but better than the H2 by a good margin. I would say that the H3 gets mileage like other SUVs and the H2 get significantly worst.

GM makes me mad!

Now that I'm thinking about it. GM is really screwing the brand I love. They bought the branding rights from AM General in 1999, came out with the H2 (built at AM General) in 2002 or 2003. They're doing ok with the brand so far. In 2005 they come out with H2 SUT, another plus. Same year they have plans for an H3, even better!!! And then they just screw over the vehicle that made the brand what it is today. In 2006 they stop making the beloved H1. You can't even special order it. I understand the new emission laws are expensive to work with and fix to pass them, but still killing the legend, the H1. I was heartbroken. Now less than 10 years from acquiring the brand, they are thinking about selling it. I think GM is making a mistake. They need to make HUMMER into a more prestigious brand like Land Rover. Not make it a cheap brand of a car that you see soccer moms driving. So what, they'll be expensive, Porsches aren't cheap, Land Rovers aren't cheap, Lambos and Ferraris certainly aren't cheap. Keep the brand, don't dump it. Just find a different market and class of people to sell the cars to. That just makes sense.


I couldn't agree more, HUMMER needs to stay GM. All HUMMER owners and fans who really understand the vehicle and appreciate it need to rise together and write GM, email GM, just let them know how we feel and keep them from loosing the legendary brand they fought so hard and invested so much into getting! The H4 was going to be even samller, and more fuel efficent than the h3 and GM needs that vehicle to mainstream the market, so help to make it and the HUMMER future a reality............



Funny you mention TATA. Thats the only company I can think of that would buy it. They did buy Land Rover, why not HUMMER? If I was a billionaire i'd buy the brand and sign a contract with AM General (The Original HUMMER Creators) to make the H3, H3T, H2, H2 SUT, Hx, and i'd do the unthinkable, bring back the H1. But I'm not a billionaire and we will probably never see the H1 again. =/


I have submitted your article to which is a social site where users can submit car/auto articles and vote for already submitted articles.

Thanks for the submit...

Thanks for the submit...

It's hard to imagine who

It's hard to imagine who will buy the Hummer brand but it's possible that Tata Motors will buy it:)

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