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Poll: 94% of Americans Want Solar Energy Future, 3% Want Coal

By Stacy Feldman

Jun 11, 2008

The US Senate Republicans are trashing hopes for a booming home-grown solar energy sector. Oh, but that’s not news.

And neither is the fact that nearly all Americans – across all parties – believe that a solar energy industry is vital to the United States. Ninety-eight percent of Independents. Ninety-seven percent of Democrats. And ninety-one percent of Republicans.

were released by the SCHOTT Solar BarometerTM yesterday and were conducted by the independent polling firm, Kelton Research.

When asked which energy source they would support if they were president, 41 percent picked solar. Three percent chose coal. Together, solar and wind together were favored nearly 20 times more than America’s dirtiest fuel.

Best nugget of all?

Seventy-four percent of Independents, 72 percent of Democrats and 72 percent of Republicans said they favor the extension of federal tax credits for renewable energy development.

Which means: The Senate GOP has been repeatedly voting against a tax credit (as recently as yesterday) that a vast majority of its own party members are demanding.

The federal clean energy tax credit is set to expire in December 2008. Without long-term renewal, the US could lose 39,000 solar jobs and $8 billion in investments, according to an analysis by . Add wind power to that, and the numbers climb to 116,000 jobs and $19 billion in investments.

So, do we want clean energy made at home -- and the jobs and international competitiveness -- as the people are calling for? Or do we want an energy economy propped up by foreign oil and dirty black rocks that offer the promise of no new jobs?

It’s time for the Senate GOP to respect at last the will of its party – and all of the American people.

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It's not surprising for me,

It's not surprising for me, I would probably vote for solar energy, I find it a lot more convenient and also more affordable plus we already have companies that specialize on installing solar energy systems. I found real support in in this concern.

Great website for debate about alternative energy

Fossil fuels are a finite resource and will eventually run out. The Obama administration just passed a stimulus bill with billions in it for alternative energy development. The question that remains is whether or not , and other renewables can actually provide for current energy needs.

Many experts argue that renewable energy can effectively replace fossil fuels, while others have taken the current energy crisis as an opportunity to promote and '' energy.

For those of you interested there is a great new website created by a non-profit in Santa Monica called that has hundreds of experts answering questions about alternative energy in a Pro/Con format.

After reading through some of the questions, I guarantee that at least some of your assumptions about alternative energy will be challenged.

solar power

Hi i'm a student from south high and i'm in the debate team and im running an affirmative case on solar energy and i was wondering if you could send me some original information. i would highly appreciate it thank you

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