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A John Holdren Reader

By David Sassoon

Dec 18, 2008

“Changing Global and Social Determinants for Nuclear Power”, John P. Holdren, The Bridge (National Academy of Engineering), Vol. 31, No. 3, Fall 2001:

“Federal Energy R&D for the Challenges of the 21st Century: The 1997 PCAST Report and Its Relevance to S.597”, John P. Holdren, Invited Testimony before the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, US Senate, 18 July 2001:

“Some Comments On S.1008: Amendments To The Energy Policy Act Of 1992 To Develop The United States Climate Change Response Strategy”, John P. Holdren, Statement for the Record,

Hearings before the Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs, 18 July 2001:

Interim Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel, Matthew Bunn, John P. Holdren, Allison Macfarlane, Susan E. Pickett, Atsuyuki Suzuki, Tatsujiro Suzuki, and Jennifer Weeks, Managing the Atom Project, Harvard University, and Project on Sociotechnics of Nuclear Energy, University of Tokyo, June 2001:

“The Energy-Climate Challenge”, John P. Holdren, Environment, June 2001 (also published as a chapter in a book from the Aspen Institute, November 2000):

“Searching for a National Energy Policy”, John P. Holdren, Issues in Science and Technology, Spring 2001:

“Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy in the US Energy Future”, John P. Holdren, invited testimony before the House Science Committee, 28 February 2001:

“Meeting the Energy Challenge”, John P. Holdren, Science, 9 February 2001:

“Energy, the Environment, and Health”, John P. Holdren and Kirk R. Smith (Convening Lead Authors), Chapter 3 in Energy and the Challenge of Sustainability, UN Development Programme, UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs, and World Energy Council, 2000:

“Improving Energy Security and Reducing Greenhouse-Gas Emissions: The Role Of Nuclear Energy”, John P. Holdren, Invited testimony for the House Committee on Science, 25 July 2000:


Thanks for sharing. “Meeting the Intertwined Challenges of Energy and Environment” was a good presentation.

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