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Canada Dumps Vital Renewable Energy Incentives for “Clean” Coal

By Stacy Feldman

Feb 3, 2009

As , a secret document from Canada's own government revealed that only a tiny percentage of the CO2 released in mining the sands could ever be captured, if the technology is even viable. Meanwhile, that the oil sands remain Canada's fastest-growing source of CO2, set to increase from five percent to 16 percent of total emissions by 2020 under current plans.

There's a year to go until Canada's next budget. Time to begin scraping off all the greenwash to avoid a repeat performance.

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Besides being a mouthful,

Besides being a mouthful, Venezuelan equine encephalitis, is also a nasty disease. Venezuelan equine encephalitis is a viral infection in horses that spreads to people via mosquitoes. The virus causes encephalitis which is swelling of the brain and it can be fatal. Treatment is expensive, requiring cash advance loans and a hospital stay. This is why it's not amusing that the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases misplaced a few vials of the treatment. It's still a dangerous disease, fatal in infants and the elderly, but it is better than an outbreak of Ebola or Anthrax. Still, they better get some and figure out where the Venezuelan equine encephalitis samples went.

Get a grip granola girl

Show me one federally implemented energy model containing green renewbables like wind, solar and other socialist-energy wet dreams that can handle 110 percent of an entire country's non-stop 'round the clock energy demands without the addition of coal-firing with the exclusion of nuclear energy production. Furthermore, show me one nation home to an exclusive automaker who can manufacture an entirely electric car that runs more than 400 miles on a single charge without being augmented by a fossil fuel combustion system. Hope doesn't power your lights, pay the bills or power your car. Green renewable energy production is in its infancy and it's not a question of when, it's a question of 'if.' That's right- 'if' it works. You have my deepest sympathies however you're putting the cart before the horse and throwing money in the cart before spending money on the horse that *pulls* the cart...and the money to boot. Good idea but get a grip for God's sake and join the rest of the world in the here and now and quit pissing and whining.

Most of the Health

Most of the Health Department stated that coal is dirty so keep them away and take some steps to avoid that.

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