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The 60-MPG Nano, World's Cheapest Car, Arrives in India

By Stacy Feldman

Mar 25, 2009

Ford wanted to make a car for the multitude, not for the elite, with the best material and the best design that the technology of his time could devise, and he wanted to make it, above all, at a price that was affordable. This is the example that Ratan Tata has followed with determination. When he announced the price of his car in an interview to the ‘Financial Times’ during the Geneva Motor Show, his colleagues were 'aghast', but he had set his goal.

Once production of the Nano stabilizes, Mr. Tata envisions a new kind of distribution chain that would dramatically cut manufacturing costs and create entrepreneurs. The Nano would be sold as knocked-down kits, shipped to Tata-trained independent dealers for assembly and serviced by local entrepreneurs. Mr. Tata explains in an interview with the Times of London:

"A bunch of entrepreneurs could establish an assembly operation and Tata Motors would train their people, would oversee their quality assurance and they would become satellite assembly operations for us. So we would create entrepreneurs across the country that would produce the car. We would produce the mass items and ship it to them as kits.

That is my idea of dispersing wealth. The service person would be like an insurance agent who would be trained, have a cell phone and scooter and would be assigned to a set of customer."

We don't have to remind you of the dismal state of the auto industry.  Seriously: Is there a better car than Tata's Nano – or a better carmaker – for this moment in history?


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cheap but fast, reliable and one of the best, the Tata nano is one of the best cars around.

Most advanced machine on the road!

Congratulations Tata! This is definitely NOT a primitive auto. Western manufacturers must take heed and innovate.

Why pay $20k for a small car to go sit in traffic when you can do the same thing in a Nano for $2k?

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