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RE-ENERGYSE a New Generation of Clean Energy Innovators

By Jesse Jenkins

Jul 24, 2009

Forty years ago this week, the Apollo 11 mission touched down on the surface of the moon, and . As we celebrate this historic moment, we are reminded that today America faces a new global competition that will have far greater implications for the future of our nation and the world: the clean energy race.

Unfortunately, instead of summoning the same vigorous commitment to innovation and education that won the space race four decades ago, Congress today is poised to reject a critical initiative to invest in the generation of young engineers, scientists and innovations who must win the clean energy race.

The U.S. simply could not have won the space race without major federal investments in targeted education programs.

Spurred on by the Soviet launch of Sputnik, Congress quickly passed in 1958, committing billions of dollars to equip a generation to confront the Soviet challenge. These investments developed the human capital necessary to put a man on the moon and invent the technologies that catapulted our world into the Information Age, from microchips and telecommunications to personal computing and the Internet.

Today, the U.S. is again dangerously behind in energy science and technology education. Only 15 percent of undergraduate degrees earned in the U.S. each year are in science and engineering compared to 50 percent in China, . This comes at a time when nearly half of our current energy workforce is expected to retire over the next decade, and are moving aggressively to corner the burgeoning global clean energy market.

This spring, the Obama administration proposed an initiative designed to bridge this dangerous energy education gap by inspiring and educating thousands of young Americans to pursue careers in clean energy.

The program, called (REgaining our ENERGY Science and Engineering Edge), would fund new undergraduate and graduate energy curriculum and research opportunities to prepare up to 8,500 highly educated young scientists and engineers to enter clean energy fields by 2015 alone. Technical training and K12 funding would support hundreds of programs nationwide to train thousands more technically skilled clean energy workers.

As in April,

“The nation that leads the world in 21st century clean energy will be the nation that leads in the 21st century global economy. … [RE-ENERGYSE] will prepare a generation of Americans to meet this generational challenge.”

Unfortunately, the Senate and House the Obama administration’s energy education proposal, with the Senate cutting the program from $115 million to $0 and the House appropriating only $7 million.

The U.S. neglects investments in energy education at our peril.

As my colleague Teryn Norris, Director of and a junior at Stanford University, declared,

“If the U.S. had responded to the Soviet launch of Sputnik the way Congress is responding to today's national energy challenge America would not only have lost the space race, we would have been left behind in the technologies and industries that fueled a half-century of economic progress.”

Seeing Congress dangerously close to rejecting President Obama’s RE-ENERGYSE initiative, partnered with the to rally supporters for this critical investment in our nation’s economic and environmental future.

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