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U.S. Postal Service Could Deliver America the Electric Car

By Stacy Feldman

Sep 7, 2009

The report says there are competitive funding opportunities available with the DOE's Office of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability, as part of the funds flowing from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Grants are available for individual agencies of up to $100 million for smart grid demonstrations and $50 million for utility load shifting, with 50 percent cost sharing.

If the feds don’t come through, there are always the states. California has been the largest provider of such incentives. Washington state, New York, Michigan and Pennsylvania are other possibilities, along with other state support programs. In total, these programs represent approximately $12 billion in funding that states are currently applying for, the report says.

Giving a slice of those billions to the U.S. Postal Service would go a long way in cleaning up one of the largest transportation fleets in the world, and in providing a much-needed spark to America's still sleepy electric car market.


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Ford Transet Connect EV

EV's are a good choice for fleet delivery vechicles.  As new fuels and technology suface in the future those can be applied to the power generation grid.  How many times can a business convert a fleet to different fuel technologies?  I like what I see coming out of Ford Transit Connect EV partnership with Detroit headquartered Azure Dynamics.  Azure builds the EV drive trains put into the Ford built trucks with a Johnson Controls Li Battery.  It does 70mph and is good for 80 miles.  That suits the rountine delivery model. Transet Connect won the truck of the year award and Azure Dynamic's EV drive won the XPrize in Washnging DC.   Azure Dynamics is doing many HEV trucks and looking for a commercial pickup truck partner, which one might expect will be Ford, as well.  Azure is already providing large HIV trucks to the US Post office and signed the Candian Post as a lead customer for the Ford Transit Connect EV. the Transet Connect EV's began shipping for sale in Europe last week.   

EVs for PO

Bright Automotive in Anderson, IN has built a terrific plug-in hybrid specifically designed to replace PO vehicles. This van can carry 2,000 lbs and has 180 cubic feet of space in an aerodynamically designed aluminum frame and skinned vehicle.

The drive train can carry the vehicle for 30 miles on electric only and has a back up gas engine for longer distance driving.

Bright Automotive should be loaned the money to bring this vehicle to market so we can begin to replace the dirty, expensive postal vans of today with cleaner, cheaper electric drive vans.


This would be nice to see

It sure would be nice to see this happen.

I think that transit buses at rush hours might be another area where this technology could be tested -- think of the solar panel real estate on top of the buses and the garages that house them. The buses that are extra during peak hours would be the ones to target since they only run a couple hours in the morning and then again in the evening. They could recharge or swap batteries during the down time.

PO EV tests

The US Post Office is the obvious EV test choice at least since the 1997 CARB EV's in California. Any incomplete EV testing should be funded by PO manager salaries and retirement funds until complete.

PO EV tests

So you like the post office when they are doing something useful to you, but still want to abuse them to advance your fringe views. I guess you can do that when you yourself are the picture of perfection and productivity.

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