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San Francisco’s Composting Ordinance Turns Waste into Wine

I wish more cities would do

I wish more cities would do this. The composting program in San Francisco is really a step ahead of anywhere else.


Anaerobic decomposition is not "Accelerated" by composting.

Rather what happens is you get a whole different kind of decomposition, aerobic (oxygen requiring) decomposition, assuming you turn or tumble your compost that is. If you just let it sit there unaerated you get the same anaerobic decomposition (though, less than if it was truly sealed in a plastic bag, since air still interacts with the sides of your pile, if not the center).

If your compost smells, it means you've got Anaerobic bacteria happening, and you're doing it wrong, either not enough turning/tumbling or oxygen. Or the wrong ingredient mix (too wet, too much nitrogen).

When you do it right, and get the aerobic bacteria, which do not emit the odor.

Composting and Greenhouse gases

"Still, there’s no denying compost produces greenhouse gases."

Please check your facts; I believe that this depends on the type of composting being done.

I don't believe that Vermicomposting (i.e. composting done by worms) emits much in the way of greenhouse gases, but is slower.

Thermophilic composting (whereby the compost temperature is greatly raised through reactions with bacteria, etc) probably does though.

We Need YOUR Help!!

It is clear to me that you as well as your readership honor the small steps that every person makes in greening their home and being the stewards of their little corner of the planet. I applaud Mayor Newsom and his goal of "zero waste" by 2020. But I ask you as fellow citizens of this planet, what do you think is really meant when you said "The city already diverts 3/4 of its waste away from it's landfill". By "diversion of waste" what you really mean is that it is shipped to another landfill next to someone elses home who has their own waste to deal with.....but now they also have Yours.
Perhaps the term diversion does apply to the miriad ways in which creative and industrious people are developing technologies that create biofuels and other green biproducts from the waste that we create. However, we won't ever accomplish zero waste and eliminate those tons per annum of methane gas produced in our local landfills if we don't deal with it locally.
Your reduction of methane production through composting is only a genuine reduction when the waste that YOU produce does not decompose over a 30 year period of time in a landfill somewhere else.
Right now that "somewhere else" is a beautiful area of virgin desert 25 miles from my home where I raise my sweet daughter as conscientiously as possible in regards to Global health and Community. Help us by understanding that this is everyones responsibility. Don't let Recology turn MY HOME into a "diversion" for your waste!

Recology/Winnemucca Landfill

San Franiciscans are commended for the role they play in leading our nation in recycling.

As this article notes San Francisco has a goal to "... do away with landfills and incinerators entirely — and, in the process, to cut emissions of greenhouse gases.... Landfills produce methane, a global warming gas that is 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide. "

Citizens of Winnemucca, NV agree. No landfills. San Franciscans may be interested to note that Recology, their partner in recycling (and, general garbage management) is pushing forward on a proposal to ship 4000 TONS, PER DAY, 5 DAYS PER WEEK of Bay Area (not just Bay Area) via rail to start a landll at Jungo Road, part of the Black Rock desert. The shipments are currently targeted to go on for 95 YEARS. The shipments will include hazardous waste. The landfill, if capped at these estimates, will grow to the size of a 20 story building.

Citizens of Winnemucca do not want this landfill. Get involved and help us out:

Get informed:

Nevadans Against Garbage Facebook Group:

Sign the online e-statement (any age, any location)

The US address version of the e-statement:

European addresses version of the e-statement:

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