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Civil Society Groups Squeezed Out of Climate Talks in Final Days

Loss of NGOs Hurts Poor Nations, Limits Outside Analysis

By Stacy Feldman

Dec 16, 2009

Civil society "brings insight, oversight and connection to people around the world," who depend on the work of NGOs to pursue "credibility" and "integrity" of the process," the group wrote in to the UNFCCC.

The big concern, Oxfam's Mitchell said, is that world leaders will announce, "we have a great deal." But "there will be very few people in there to say look at the detail, look at what we really got."

"Any perception that the process is closed or rigged would severely undermine the prospects for success in Copenhagen," said the Climate Action Network.

De Boer responded: This is "the most transparent climate change conference that I have ever witnessed in the 14 that I have been to."

The measure is nothing more than a security precaution, he said. It would be "physically impossible" and "unsafe" to accommodate everyone.

Mitchell said the NGOs understood that position, to a point. "We have some sympathy with the UN," she said. "We understand the need to maintain security."


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NGO's play an important role

NGO's play an important role in our society. They serve as our medium in delivering our sentiments to authorities. Hoping that they will take the necessary action to address all our needs.

So much for "free speech"

This is just another example of the "big boss interests" to stifle free speech. At least we still have the internet...for now, anyway.

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