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Study: National Renewables Mandate Could Help Make U.S. Competitive with China

Why RES?

Is this kind of central-planning regulatory paradigm our best response to China's challenge? For an alternative perspective, see the recent SolveClimate article "".

Can't feed-in tariffs and

Can't feed-in tariffs and renewable electricity standards work in tandem? I don't see any reason a state couldn't have both.

Why both?

Sure, a state could do both, but why would they? What would the RES accomplish? As California is finding, simply dictating a 20% or 30% RES does not guarantee that it will happen. Markets do not respond well to executive decrees. At least not here. Maybe in China.

Besides, if the RES can be achieved, why stop there? What point is there in setting a predetermined limit on emission reductions?

renewable electricity standard

I believe this is a good start to helping to "kick start" the renewables market.

However, I would suggest that it not be written around electricity generation alone as other applications of renewable methane should also be qualified. Too often the authors of this legislation think only in terms of electricity rather than the total renewables spectrum. As an example, methane produced from biomass sources can be used for a variety of energy replacements such as natural gas, compressed natural gas for mobile applications, etc..

I think it should be written to include BTU's rather than just KW's.

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