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Better Place Takes Big Leap Forward with Israel Electric-Car Pilot

Environmentalist, not

It is just amazing how many people critize evs and call themselves environmentalists.
They would rather stay with a known damaging situation rather than a much better solution because it is not yet perfect.
And because they just hate cars instead of internal combustion engines, which evs do NOT have!

What is wrong with this Paran person?

It would be bad if driving were cheaper?
That is not the issue. How much you drive is not the problem, but the amount of damage you cause.
If you drive twice as far, but cause a quarter of the damage per mile, you are doing half the damage altogther.
That is an improvement!

The anwser is more trains and bike lanes?
This is a person who does not accept reality. People want cars, so the answer is to make them as least damaging as possible.
Trains are, of course, also necessary - in addition.
And as a biker - bike lanes only on roads, not beside pedestrian paths. These are known to decrease the number of bikers because they decrease safety (upto ten-fold) of bikers, pedestrians and drivers. (See Wikipedia article on this subject)

response to article,Israel Electric Car project

I am hoping that everything works out well for Planet Better Place.In just 2 years the company is worth over 1 billion dollars,and very well staffed.once these cars start being manufactured I think the publics response will be great.I imagine that the ability of Planet Better Place to deliver its services might be strained somewhat and the company will grow very rapidly.What comes to mind is ATT having to grow as demand for Apple iPhones is taking place currently.These electric cars will be great and I believe that the power to run the cars will inevitably come from renewable recources,including wind mills and solar collectors.

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