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US Plans for Greenhouse Gas Regulations in 2011, Hopes for CCS

Jackson: Blocking EPA Would Put US Behind China, in Line with Saudi Arabia

By SolveClimate Staff

Feb 23, 2010

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) couldn't hold back his frustration with his committee colleagues: ”This country faces many, many problems, not the least of which is we have national leaders who are rejecting basic science.”


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The Whole of World Approach.

There has been excessive talk, excessive literature, excessive production changes that claim to reduce the effects on the earths life blood and improve our sustainability on the planet. Yet there does not appear to be one body of an international standing that is trusted and entrusted to represent that whole of humanity in a balanced yet futuristic manner. I am one who is increasingly concerned that we are working again in silos for the personal self interest rather than the whole of world approach.


Sen. Inhofe must have had his head banged upside the fridge when he was a kid. Thank god, politics, science and religion have different rules of engagement. It's just too bad the politicians see email discourse between scientists; a natural way to bounce theoretic thoughts between each other, as a logical argument against solid science. I wish we could view some of the personal emails sent between senators and congressional members to judge whether or not they should be re-elected.

Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide is essential to all life on earth whereas the EPA is not. Let's abolish the EPA.

While we are at it, what about abolishing the Department of Education?

Probably you can think of some other government departments that do more harm than good.

there's a good idea

That would make it easier, wouldn't it. Let every industry go back to taking the cheapest route to making money: the smog builds up again, making cities unbearable and the air so unhealthy it kills the old people off and kids develop breathing problems; mercury from power plants poisons more freshwater fish, passing the effects on to people who eat them; the hospitals will do well, of course. Some states will see just how expensive this will be for them and pick up the baton, but a lot of them will just sit back and watch it happen, and since we'll be keeping their populations stupid by doing away with the pressure to improve schools, well, that'll be ok.

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