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Energy-Efficiency Strategy Could Cut Household Bills by $450 a Year

Federal Building Code Would Have Biggest Impact, Report Says

By Stacy Feldman

Mar 15, 2010

"The Home Star and Building Star bills will go to work immediately, stimulating the economy, creating at least 150,000 jobs in a sector that has a 25 percent unemployment rate," Noble said.

Other recommendations in the CFA report include appliance efficiency improvements and a strong federal energy efficiency resource standard (EERS) that would force utilities to meet energy-saving targets.

For Noble and other efficiency advocates, the EERS is the real prize.

The near-term incentives in play in the Senate "will serve as a bridge," he said, and "then EERS can take the reins and ensure that we are benefiting from all that efficiency has to offer for the next 20-30 years."


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Simple lifestyle measures that increase.

Whilst we continue to seek alternative less damaging resources our usage continues to spiral. What can be done in the coming years to reduce our reliance on power, bigger buildings, larger homes, and fast cars?  I would embrace a world of a more moderate approach to living standards such as increased community living that is based on local produce, local manufacturing and simple lifestyle measures that increase our pleasure rather than consume all that is available

Alex Gaston

Concerns regarding the state

Concerns regarding the state of the environment, increased U.S. dependence on foreign oil imports and the need to diversify the country’s energy resources have led to increased research in developing more energy efficient ways to produce power. Encouraging both energy efficiency and conservation will not only protect the environment, but promote national energy security, save consumers money and strengthen the economy. Want to learn more about balanced energy for America? Visit Consumer Energy Alliance to get involved, discover CEA’s mission and sign up for our informative newsletter.

Space Age Buildings

The advent of the computer has caused massive advances in Science, and we cannot possibly retrofit older buildings and compete with the amazing new technologies! Imagine just the plastics, super insulators, passive solar understandings, latest HIVAC knowledge, new glass with astounding electrical properties - the Architects can hardly adapt to all that is new and good for producing "Zero running cost - Zero upkeep" housing, which is now technologically very possible! Expect sustainability and pricing within income expectations to moderate designs in the near future as Americans approach their EROI limitations ans feel the pinch of a burgeoning Asian demand for a larger share of the finite amount of light sweet crude available in the world today! No more McMansions for Yankee Doodle! his dollar has fallen too low! Survival shelters and sustainability and payable, predictable mortgages are more likely to be rolled out. Refitting the slums of Detroit City for example, total nonsense! Not going to happen in America! Build new sane sized Eco-shelters with good sense materials and close to the electric bullet trains, subways, trams streetcars and buses, as the oil dries up and life goes on! People cannot buy what they cannot afford, we already tried that and failed miserably, learned, and will do better next tine around!

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