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Electric Vehicles Losing Their 'Zero Emissions' Claim in U.S.

New Federal Vehicle Standards Calculate in Power Plant Emissions

By SolveClimate Staff

Apr 1, 2010

Nissan, which is shipping its first EVs later this year, went farther, arguing that the zero-grams-per-mile rating was legally required because the EPA’s 2-cycle test procedures don’t account for upstream greenhouse gas emissions. EPA’s decision to not include upstream emissions for other types of vehicles would “disrupt the careful balancing embedded into the National Program,” .

EPA disagreed, saying it had discretion under the law to structure the emissions standards in a way that promotes advances in emissions control technology and addresses air pollution problems.

“EPA recognizes that we have not previously made adjustments to a compliance value to account for upstream emissions in a section 202(a) vehicle emissions standard, but that does not mean we do not have authority to do so in this case,” the agency wrote.

In the new federal rule, the agencies acknowledge the industry's concerns, stating that EVs and PHEVs are “potential GHG game changers if major cost and consumer barriers can be overcome and if there is a nationwide transformation to low-GHG electricity.” They intend to re-evaluate the incentive program for the 2017 model year based on improvements in those areas.

And Nissan isn't likely to dump its electric vehicles simply because of a coming change in how the U.S. calculates emissions. Brinley pointed out that Nissan is taking a global view: North America is important, but there are other markets where electric vehicles have even greater potential.


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Real TONS of CO2 for electric car

SO when they say this gasoline car produces  X tons/year, which includes CO2 generated in geting the fuel to market, what would the equivalent statement be for an electric car using coal getnerated electricity?

Incorrect fact in your article

I quote :
"That’s great news for automakers, who under the new rules will have to meet a fleetwide average greenhouse gas standard of 250 grams per mile by 2016 (roughly equivalent to 35.5 miles per gallon)"

grams of CO2/mile and MPG of fuel are totally different and should not necessarily be seen in correlation with each other. Improving MPG does not necessarily improve CO2 emissions

True Patriots Will Drive Electric Vehicles

Ridiulous standards by the oil industry to keep electric out of cars. How can you count the upstream for electric but not the upstream for gas powered or hydrogen. I am in Southern California and am producing on most days of the summer 100% of my electricty from Solar Panels on my roof installed for free (to me). (For more on this see SolarCity do-t com they install for free and lease them back knocking 20% off your electric bill at zero cost to the consumer). If I charged from them aren't my miles emmission free? How about all the windmills we have in the pass to Palm Springs?

Are they figuring in the emmissions contributed by the BP Oil Spill? I am sure those direct emmissions -100% tracable to the auto industry- will be disregarded.

I am sick of 20mm barrels a day being purchased by the US with the dollars to pay for those being funnelled out of the country only to come flying back as bullets and IEDs. That is $1.3blln a day (*@ $65 a bbl) funneling out of this economy and into someone elses. If this stayed in our economy, there would be an extra $433m in tax revenue collected each day (based on 100% profit and 1/3 tax rate) Thats how we fund the budget deficit and pay for national healthcare (which I get for free from the gov't anyway but think everyone should be entitled to have).

I am sick of all the neo-AM talk radio that spout policies that help our enemies. Driving an electric car (the automotive battery industry has almost 100% recycling and will likely continue to do so with the valuable LIthium component being present in bulk) may have a social stigma attached to it that causes people to affilitate it with long haired hippy protestors, but as a Gulf War vet, I see this directly tied to Red, White and Blue. Driving an electric car is the most american thing a true Patriot can do.

Electric vehicles recharged

Electric vehicles recharged from onboard hydrogen fuel cells are truly zero emission vehicles. The hydrogen can be produced through several zero emission processes thereby producing a truly zero emission "well to wheel" transportation solution. Lawrence Weisdorn

Those darn batteries

Yeah now the landfills will have all these electric car batter cells in them. Then what? Nobody wants to hear it but if it's efficiency we are looking for then we have this technology called the internal combusion engine. It is VERY efficient! WE just need to keep working on MPG.

The energy it takes to

The energy it takes to extract a gallon of gasoline is enough to drive an electric car about 35 miles. It takes a bit of fuzzy math to make the upstream effects worse for electricity when it's better to leave the oil in the ground and use the electricity to drive an electric car than to extract and refine the oil to drive a typical ICE car.

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