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Today's Climate: April 1, 2010

By SolveClimate Staff

Apr 1, 2010


Yvo de Boer, the outgoing head of the U.N. climate change secretariat, said countries need to restore confidence in U.N. negotiations following the dismal results of the Copenhagen summit, meaning no deal likely until late 2011.

(Washington Post)

NASA officials laid out plans to boost spending on climate research substantially over the next five years, to make up for cutbacks during the Bush administration.


Preliminary European Union data released today shows carbon emissions in its cap and trade scheme fell by about 11.2 percent in 2009.

(Providence Business News)

The three-member commission rejected as too expensive a proposed power-purchase agreement between Deepwater Wind LLC and National Grid Plc, dealing a heavy blow to Deepwater’s plan to build a wind farm off Block Island.


Royal Dutch Shell and ConocoPhillips have spent large sums to secure drilling rights in the remote Chukchi Sea, only to see their plans put on hold by court challenges — until now.


Draft rules on implementing the EU's Fuel Quality Directive would allow imports of tar sand and other energy intensive oils to the EU, undermining greenhouse gas emission savings, environmentalists warn.


Transportation attracted $704M this past quarter, while energy efficiency and solar remain key sectors to watch, according to latest Cleantech Group data.


U.S. solar startup Suniva Inc, which makes high-efficiency solar cells and modules, said today it is sold out through 2010 and plans to triple exports over the next five years.

(High Country News)

The 1,500 megawatt coal-fired Desert Rock power, plant proposed for tribal land in the Four Corners region, once seemed like a slam dunk. Seven years later, the energy company is going back to the drawing board.

(Dallas Morning News)

The EPA disapproved a Texas air-pollution program that has let thousands of companies bypass rigorous reviews under the Clean Air Act.

(Oregon Sustainable Business)

A network of environmentally concerned economists released a report today warning that the Obama Administration may be working with a theoretical price for carbon that is too low to support aggressive action on climate change.


Homeowners with small-scale green energy systems such as solar panels and micro-wind turbines will receive up to £1,000 a year for the electricity they generate under a new government scheme that starts paying out today.

(Business Green)

UNICEF UK has launched a major new initiative aimed at UK businesses and designed to help them cut carbon emissions while also supporting development projects that help children cope with climate-related impacts.


A look at the next generation of green vehicles, and how they’re dealing with the challenges — few larger than the ones encountered on a daily basis in the Big Apple.

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