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Today's Climate: May 13, 2010

By SolveClimate Staff

May 13, 2010

BP to Try New Fix as Oil Spill Threatens Gulf (Reuters)

Energy giant BP was preparing on Thursday to once again try and staunch the unchecked flow of oil from a ruptured well that threatens an environmental disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.


The Gulf of Mexico oil spill hasn't stained Pres. Obama nor dimmed the public's desire for offshore energy drilling, according to a new Associated Press-GfK Poll.


British oil major BP said the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico had cost it $450 million so far, an increase of $100 million on the figure reported earlier this week.

(Los Angeles Times)

Congressional committee members probing the catastrophic gulf oil spill homed in Wednesday on possible defects in cementing and in a critical safety device, as they grilled oil executives.

Obama Says Spill Underlines Need for Climate Bill (Reuters)

Pres. Obama welcomed a new U.S. climate bill unveiled on Wednesday, saying the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico underlined the need for the U.S. to reform its energy policies.


The administration is sending a wide-ranging spill-response package to Capitol Hill that includes raising the $75 million liability cap on economic damages from oil spills.


Mexican officials fear the Gulf oil spill could reach their coasts if the leak is not stopped by August, when seasonal currents start to reverse and flow south. They also worry about the impact of the upcoming hurricane season.


Donor countries on Wednesday pledged a record $4.25 billion over the next four years for the Global Environment Facility, the world's largest public green fund that helps developing countries tackle climate change.


UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon on Wednesday urged Canada's Conservative government to champion climate change and the world's poor at next month's G-20 and G-8 summits.


Japanese trading house Sojitz Corp. is planning to enter the solar power generation business through a $100 million investment in California-based Solar Power Partners.


State regulators will meet Friday to discuss Mississippi Power Co.'s petition that they reconsider conditions placed on the utility for building a coal plant in Kemper County.


Suzlon Wind Energy, the world's third-largest maker of wind turbines, is facing a disappointing year in 2010, primarily due to reluctance by developers to move on new wind projects amid diminished demand.


Suzuki Motor Corp., Japan’s second-largest mini-car maker, plans to introduce a plug-in hybrid version of its Swift compact car using batteries supplied by Sanyo Electric, the automaker said.

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