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Oil Pooling Elbow Deep Under the Sand of Grand Isle

Park ranger took to cleaning hermit crabs with Q-tips out of desperation and has attracted 100 volunteers

By Jacoba Charles

Aug 2, 2010

“I started off with just one tank that my mom bought me, and one filter, and a couple of friends who were helping me,” she said. Now the project has grown to eight tanks and over 100 volunteers.

“It feels great,” said regular volunteer Frazer O'Hara, who moved to Grand Isle from New Orleans to help out in any way that he can. “If people don’t get involved then nothing ever happens and nothing ever gets done. Every little life counts.”

At least three days a week, volunteers gather up the oiled crabs and bring them back to the visitors’ center, where they use Q-tips and mild Dr. Bronner’s soap to clean the shells. The crabs are then left to crawl across absorbent material that pulls the oil from their legs. They are then put in tanks overnight. About ten percent of the crabs don’t survive, but more than 3,500 have now been successfully released to new, uncontaminated habitat.

“It’s really rewarding,” Sarco said. “I’m going to keep on doing it until they clean up the oil and until it stops washing up on our shores.”


Very interesting article.

Very interesting article. Content has been written in very nice manner. I enjoy reading this kind of stuff. Thanks for sharing good knowledge. This is really impressive. Thanks

thank goodness

Thank goodness for people who volunteer their time and energy to help. Each and every one of us can make a difference if we choose to do so!

CANCER and crude oil

Leanne Sarco: You are giving yourself CANCER!!!!! Crude oil contains BENZENE, THE CANCER CAUSER. Benzene is such a strong cancer causer that benzene was used to give cancer to guinea pigs for cancer research. Crude oil contains benzene. Benzene is an "Aromatic" hydrocarbon. It smells good. Do not burn scented candles. Scented candles put benzene into the air. We need to protest the benzene released into the air by oil refineries. Benzene may be the most important cause of cancer. If you have cancer, search for exposure to benzene in your past.

DO NOT SWIM IN THE GULF! Girls who did now have infections or diseases that were surprises. We don't know anything about the bacteria that have been hiding in that one oil reservoir for millions of years. These are actual cases, not theory. Crude oil is a food source for bacteria that were not noticeable before the oil volcano. As a new food source and type, the crude oil may have caused new strains of bacteria to evolve.

Do not eat Gulf of Mexico seafood ever again. The oil will linger for decades. Who knows when all of the benzene will be gone? This oil volcano may have ended the fishing industry in the Gulf for decades.

Microbe eating bacteria

It is completely untrue that the bacteria cannot live below a few feet. Biologic Oil degradation has been observed thousands of feet deep.


"But as it gets buried out of reach of oxygen" is the operative phrase I think

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