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Solar Energy Surging in Italy, Outpacing U.S.

New feed-in-tariff law, streamlined approval process fueling growth and optimism

By Sara Stroud

Sep 22, 2010

Called the feed-in tariff model, the 1-gigawatt pilot program would require California utilities to buy power from renewable systems of between 1 and 20 MW in size. The state’s investor-owned utilities would hold biannual auctions for renewable energy developers, and award contracts to the lowest-cost, viable projects.

The auction model would ensure that prices would not be set too low to encourage participation in the program, nor too high, which could drive up costs for ratepayers, according to The Vote Solar Initiative, a California nonprofit targeting policies to boost renewable energy development.

“What they learned [in Europe] is that it’s hard to peg a price in a competitive market, especially when the price of panels fluctuates,” said David Niebauer, founding partner of Energy Council Partners, a San Francisco-based law firm focused on renewable energy.

“The approach the CPUC is taking is more sustainable.”

(Photo: NASA)

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I think that other countries

I think that other countries should also follow this.

What you failed to mention

What you failed to mention is that that the solar energy market in Italy is run by a man who's been recieving money from the mafia to start solar energy business, in fact, some mafia members have been arrested and declared that it's one of their most profitable scams because it's not regulated by any agency of their country.

Irony, by saving the planet, you're making the Cosa Nostra more powerful

Green vs. red

If the US invested the money being wasted and stolen in two insane wars instead in renewable energy, education, infrastructure and clean tech it would have the a healthy vibrant economy while setting an example for all other countries. Instead is is declining as a world power, becoming pervasively corrupt, and less and less relevant politically, culturally, socially and scientifically.

Going Green

Looks like countries began to realize its better to trust nature rather the gulf counties and us economy.

we began to explore every were for oil, some places were we never thought of like sea weeds ( non believers can check here ) and poisonous plants ( ).


great article!

If anyone is interested in

If anyone is interested in joining the effort to adopt sensible feed-in tariffs in the U.S., please visit and sign-up for the newsletter.

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