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New Oil Sands Legislation Would Strip Clause From 2007 Energy Act

Section 526 prohibits federal agencies from buying unconventional oil. Sens. Graham and Chambliss propose killing it

By Stacy Feldman

Oct 5, 2010

Correction: This story originally reported that the U.S. imports about a billion barrels a day from Canada's Alberta oil sands. It has been updated with the correct figure—approximately one million. The story has also been updated with a new range of estimates that reflect both mining and lifecycle emissions of oil sands development and combustion.

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More Nukes, Less Kooks!

More Nukes, Less Kooks!

 This was very much

 This was very much informative.Thank you!/ 

Oil Sands Legislation

Oh, goody, GOODY! We're not polluting anywhere NEAR enough, so it's "thrilling" to see this push for the Pentagon to source fuel from one of the filthiest, most pollution-causing sources on the planet!

As underdeveloped as Afghanistan is, maybe we can make that entire country have its very own smog cloud, border to border! WHEEEEEEEEEEE!

Sigh. What unmitigated crap. Wonder how much Senators Graham and Chamliss got for their campaign funds?

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