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China's Global Dominance in Green Jobs Growing, Report Says

Houston is rising U.S. star in green jobs race; Mexico quietly competes with Asian giants as solar factories sprout south of the border

By Stacy Feldman

Oct 6, 2010

"With a combination of cheap labor and geographic proximity, the United States' third-largest trading partner is attracting attention from those looking for low-cost access to the North American clean-tech market," the authors said.

So far, Japan-based Sanyo has established a factory in Mexico to churn out solar photovoltaic panels. BP Solar and Michigan-based thin-film maker Energy Conversion Devices recently revealed plans to do the same. In the wind sector, German equipment manufacturer Liebher has constructed a facility in Monterrey to make parts for the American market. Pernick predicts battery manufacturing plants could be next.

"It's not just low-cost manufacturing in China" that the U.S. has to watch out for, Pernick said: "It could be low-cost manufacturing south of the border."

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Green = green in dollars

China is definitely not the most eco friendly country, yet by taking on so many green jobs it's proving that today green is starting to mean the color of money...

I actually have created a

I actually have created a directory of career sections of nearly 210 companies nationwide.

Check it out!

I find it's best to check each company from a-z in series. Working from the top down. Doing it religiously, as if it were your job to get a job!

Anyways, good luck all!

I was looking for a job back

I was looking for a job back in May, after we moved from DC to Houston. I was having a very hard time keeping track of where I had applied. I literally applied to hundreds of jobs. With all my spare time, I put together a simple website with all the landing pages of the open positions at well over 200 companies nationwide.

For those of you out there, looking for a job. Here's the website:

I got a job in the beginning of July, making more than I did in DC, so we're very happy with the move. But I figure others may still be able to use the site.

I'm looking for suggestions to expand the list as well, so please let me know!

Good Luck!

Yes, China is not Green

China's crude oil and coal consumption continue to rise dramatically. I doubt very seriously China is building solar and wind to be green. This is just part of a mixed energy portfolio for a huge consumer. They can build solar and wind products cheaper, their construction costs are cheaper and they don't have the massive delays and costs associated with environmental permitting that occurs in the U.S.

China - It's just not green

It should also be of interest to note that since 2007, China has spent over $230 billion on crude oil purchase and "loan for energy" deals to secure future crude oil supplies. They could easily become the dominant global crude player in the near future.

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