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Is Voluntary Disclosure of Fracking Fluids on the Internet Enough?

Industry says "yes," but environmental groups say voluntary disclosure is insufficient, as national web tool takes shape

By Stacy Feldman

Oct 19, 2010

The fracking registry will be built upon the same technology platform. Paque said it's a first step in a larger strategy tied to better disclosure in the oil and gas sectors.

Last month, the council announced a "" with the , a 38-state panel that promotes oil and gas drilling, to build out a broader data portal.

The project will provide historical data, not just information on wells currently being fracked.

Paque called it the "Travelocity" of drilling, referring to the popular online travel-planning resource. "This will be a portal where people can ask questions about drilling or a well or chemicals—whatever goes in there," he said.

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