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South Africa Unveils Plans for "World's Biggest" Solar Power Plant

Giant mirrors and solar panels in Northern Cape would reduce carbon emissions and generate one-tenth of the country's energy needs

by David Smith,

Oct 25, 2010

"If this proves to be cost competitive with coal and nuclear, the government will roll out more solar parks. This is a very bold attempt."

He added: "Solar power isn't a panacea that will cure all, but it's a part of the solution, and a very important part. There are zones in the world that are ideally suited to it, often those with low population density."

Republished with permission

Image: carolune via flickr and Creative Commons

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Republished with permission.

Power outages are still not

Power outages are still not uncommon in both townships and middle-class suburbs. Described South Africa's solar resource, as among the best in the world.

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