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Greens Rally for Oil Magnate with Clean Energy Platform in N.M. House Race

Harry Teague and Steve Pearce both made their fortunes in the state's oil and gas industry, but they differ on the future of energy

By Elizabeth McGowan

Oct 28, 2010

Despite those predictions, few Democratic incumbents anywhere are feeling safe in this unpredictable election year, when Republicans seem more fired up to cast ballots.

Green Endorsements for Teague

Both the League of Conservation Voters (LCV) and the Sierra Club have endorsed Teague for defending cap-and-trade legislation as a job creator and for his approach to energy. The Sierra Club has dedicated a staffer to the Teague campaign, and the league has pitched in with mailings and phone calls.

“I think he has done an excellent job of standing by the vote he made,” Tony Massaro, the league’s senior vice president for political affairs, told SolveClimate News. “He understands that it is about a clean energy economy, climate change and national security.”

One of Teague’s first acts as a congressman was to write a bill extending the renewable production tax credit. It was signed into law as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. As a founding member of the Natural Gas Caucus, he is seeking new markets for New Mexico’s abundant resources by promoting the conversion of 18-wheelers from imported diesel fuel to natural gas.

Pearce’s diametrically opposed approach on the subject of tackling global warming earned him early admission to the LCV’s trademark Dirty Dozen list for 2010.  

“In his campaign, Teague is doing everything that our data indicate you should do,” Massaro pointed out. “If you’re going to get heat for voting for the American Clean Energy and Security Act, you may as well go out there and be strong in defense of your vote.”

“If you don’t stand by your vote, people accuse you of being a waffler,” Massaro continued. “Voters appreciate politicians who stand by their principles and convictions, and can talk about the substance of why they voted the way they did.”

Pearce Questions Science of Global Warming

In mid-October, Pearce earned the endorsement of Sarah Palin. The former Alaska governor referred to Pearce as a "principled conservative."

Earlier, Pearce had told Washington-based newspaper Politico that climate scientists should be questioned more thoroughly after the eruption of “Climategate,” which centered on stolen e-mails.

Very interesting idea!  I

Very interesting idea!  I think that could prove a very worthwhile approach in establishing long term relationships.  I think that you would need to prioritise quite heavily towards the people who either link to you all the time or who have large, powerful sites.  But these are the perfect people to build a relationship with as they have already shown that they like you by placing the link.

"Greens" did NOT rally for oil magnate.

Please refrain from using the label "Greens" unless you are referring to the Green Party. Doing so cuases deliberate confusion. In no way should the organizations you refer to  be labeled "sustainable" if that's what you mean by your misuse of the label "Greens." What role did any Green Party candidates play in the debate to which you refer?  True Greens support a carbon tax.  We don't have time nor the money to be playing footsie with cap and trade which will do nothing to address the issue.

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