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Many 'Low-Carbon' Chinese Cities in Name, But Only One in Fact

Energy researcher Jiang Kejun says that despite green claims, only one city is actually low-carbon

By Liu Jianqiang, for 

Nov 14, 2010

But cities like Shenyang don’t just want to be low-carbon themselves, they also want to help the nation—even the world—to become low-carbon, because only then will the nation and the world need their energy-saving technology.

This should also be one of China’s strategic aims. Currently China is being pushed to reduce emissions, but in the near future it should be China pushing the world, because we’ve got advanced low-carbon technology and we’ll want our standards to be used globally. In the future, economic competiveness will belong to those with the key technologies.

Our research team tracks several hundred technologies relevant to low-carbon development, and we have found that many of the most advanced ones are in China. If other nations don’t develop their low-carbon economies, they will have no choice but to buy these products from China. For example, all of Indonesia’s [clean] coal technology is imported from China—it’s half the cost of the U.S. equivalent, and the impact on India is huge. A Malaysian once told me that his country would need to come to China to buy electric vehicles.

The pattern of the future will be technological competition between industries and nations. It’s time for the negotiation game to end.

(Republished with permission)

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Republished with permission.


Yes, anyone who has ever visited China knows the truth. If you have been there for an event and stayed an extra day, you really see the truth. They clean up the cities a lot and stop construction projects during big events but the dirty air and smog is still almost unbearable and the day after the events end, the construction starts up with a vengeance.


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