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Scientists Warn of Dire Impacts of 4°C Global Temperature Rise

Impacts associated with 2C now represent the threshold of extremely dangerous climate change

by Damian Carrington,

Nov 29, 2010

Another team tackled another complex question: what would happen to humid tropical forests in a 4C world? There was the risk of forest die-off in the Amazon, central America and parts of Africa, but some regions, eg around the Congo basin, would have the potential for forest expansion. The scientist noted, however, that in practice deforestation might be the most important factor.

The speed – as well as the size – of the temperature rise is crucial too, warned scientists from Oxford University, as faster rates of global warming could outpace the ability of human civilization and the natural world to adapt. "Dangerous climate change depends on how fast the planet is warming up, not just how hot it gets," said Myles Allen of Oxford University's department of Pphysics. "It's not just how much we emit, but how fast we do so."

UN Photo/Eskinder Debebe

(Republished with permission)

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Republished with permission.

4C Solution

I agree that hope and opportunity - and a solution - "will rise from a raw and dispassionate" source.  That source is the economy.  We need to step back and reaquaint ourselves with what the economy is.  Rather than use the economy as the justification for degrading our resources, we need to summon it as the tool to improve ecological function.  No other means, political, regulatory, or overall whining and scolding is going to carry the water.   They can be components but the vehicle will be the economy.  That economic structure will begin with EcoCommerce within the agricultural sector and as this evolves into a functioning system it will move into the other economic realms.    If we can't visualize a solution we can not create one.

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