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Climate Deal Failure Could Devastate World's Poor, IPCC Chief Says

Exclusive interview: Science provides "compelling logic" for decisive progress at UN climate talks, Pachauri says

By Stacy Feldman

Dec 5, 2010

"These tropical cyclones in that part of the world are growing in intensity and frequency, and we've highlighted that," Pachauri said. "Perhaps 100 years ago this may not have been a threat, but today it clearly is."

New from the shows that greenhouse gases have hit their highest levels since pre-industrial times. This year is "almost certain" to rank in the top three hottest years since temperature records began in 1850, the agency found.

Hopes that Updated Science Drowns Out Skeptics

The next IPCC report is due in 2013 and 2014. Pachauri said he "hopes" the updated science will strengthen the case for caps on heat-trapping gases in the face of increased activity from climate skeptics, especially in the U.S., who oppose carbon regulation on principle.

"Knowledge has moved on," he said. "We hope that we'd be able to provide much more information and a far more comprehensive assessment than was possible three years ago."

"What's critically important is to inform the public" about the "reality of the science," he said.

UN Photo/Logan Abassi

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