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Obama's State of the Union: Mum on Climate, Loud on a Clean Economy Future

Obama adopted a more centrist tone during his State of the Union, avoiding any mention of climate change but embracing the promise of clean technology

By Elizabeth McGowan

Jan 26, 2011

That means alternative energy landscape will differ by geographical region, he said. For instance, South Carolina might concentrate on nuclear power, while Alaska will gravitate toward wind, geothermal and tidal power.

"I think he knocked it out of the park. He hit a home run," said Geldhof, who pointed out that he's a Republican. "This speech tells me he's accountable, that he's learned a lot over the last two years and that he’s going to work to get the job done."

Renewable Energy Options will obsolete Coal and Oil

I have long advocated that the general public does not care about climate change as they do not understand it and they have their own problems.  What they undersand is that unemployment is unacceptaby high.  Most understanf that PV Solar Industries, Wind Industries, Ground Sourced Heat Pump Industries, Advanced Batteries for Electric Cars Industries, Public Transit Options, Energy Conservation,  Boidiesel and other Renewable Energy options all are fast growing industries and are creating millions of jobs.  American are beginning to understand that the US is outsourcing many of those jobs to primarily China.  Maybe soon they will wake up and get upset about it and put pressure on politicains to end it with strong tariffs on import of those parts.

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