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In the Wake of Severe Floods in Australia, Political Irony and Fresh Contention

Australia's record flooding creates a space for climate change scientists and skeptics to fight it out afresh

By David Wilson

Feb 2, 2011

PM Cancels Climate Policy to Pay for Floods

Until a year ago, Australia was in the thick of one of its longest-ever droughts, which looked semi-permanent and was widely linked with climate change. When the drought broke, a skeptical chorus of "I-told-you-so" rebuttal arose.

After the rain began and kept coming, however, the excessive wetness deflated the chorus. "And so the noise has lessened," O'Brien said.

But, when the flooding finally fizzled out, O'Brien added, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard canceled almost all climate change mitigation measures in place to pay for flood damage reconstruction. He said it's a "bizarre" move for a government that came to power amid severe drought, on the back of promises to address climate change.

The managing director of the clean energy fund , Geoff Evison, echoed O'Brien.

"There is a cruel irony that to pay for the damage caused by the floods, the government plans to cut spending on renewable energy programs which will reduce the effects of climate change," Evison said.

Image: NZRico

News Editors Are The REAL Criminals Here, not the neocons.


Its time we made the NEWS EDITORS of mainscream media accountable for perpetuating this needless fear of "unstoppable warming" and death for our children on a dying planet from SUV gas. News editors led us knowingly to a false war of climate change. Send mail to your leaders and have THIS and other news organizations charged with treason for leading us to a war with no enemy.
Media is the enemy now. Don't trust them. Don't read them. Don't listen to them. Don't watch them. Don't give them any more credibility. The net is a learning tool and we can decide for ourselves. We don't need mainscream media anymore.
Scientists, consultants, lab coat consultants, PR firms, politicians, blood thirsty media, carbon stock trading...........WAKE UP!

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