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Most Americans Oppose Restrictions on EPA, Poll Finds

Three out of four of those surveyed, including 61% of the Republicans, say "Congress should let the EPA do its job," according to a new poll by NRDC

Elizabeth McGowan

Feb 7, 2011
  • Close to two-thirds of those surveyed (63 percent) agree that "the EPA needs to do more to hold polluters accountable and protect the air and water," while under one-third (29 percent) say that the EPA already "does too much and places too many costly restrictions on businesses and individuals." By political party registration, that 29 percent figure includes 44 percent of the Republicans interviewed, 29 percent of the independents and 16 percent of the Democrats.
  • Three out of four of those surveyed (77 percent), including 61 percent of the Republicans surveyed, say "Congress should let the EPA do its job." About 18 percent of the respondents (32 percent of them Republicans) agree that "Congress should block the EPA from updating pollution safeguards."
  • Close to 40 percent of those surveyed — two out of five respondents — agree with Gingrich’s proposal to replace EPA with "an agency that would place equal consideration for corporate interests as it does for protecting American families against air and water pollution."

Opinion Research Corp. conducted the telephone survey of adults older than age 18 between Jan. 27 and 30. The margin of error is plus or minus 3 percentage points.

Now that Republicans reign with a majority in the House, California Rep. Henry Waxman wields much less power as the top Democrat on the . The co-author of a much-maligned and now-dead measure to regulate carbon pollution via a cap-and-trade system has voiced his frustration with GOP initiatives targeting the EPA.

"The Republicans have a lot of power, but they can't amend the laws of nature," Waxman said in . "Gutting the Clean Air Act is only going to make our problems worse. This proposal threatens public health and energy security, and it undermines our economic recovery by creating regulatory uncertainty."

Image: ChesapeakeBayEO

Good to hear 75% of Americans

Good to hear 75% of Americans are smarter than Gingrich.

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