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In Its Crusade Against EPA Climate Rules, Has the GOP Gone Too Far?

To the puzzlement of many, House Republicans keep using congressional hearings to spread falsehoods that depict EPA as intent on killing U.S. agriculture

By Elizabeth McGowan

Mar 17, 2011
EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson speaks during a hearing

WASHINGTON—Lately, the amount of time House Republicans have dedicated to crying over spilled milk would make even the casual observer suspicious.

Fortunately, EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson is savvy enough to detect that particular brand of crocodile tears unique to Capitol Hill.

However, she still might have to consider changing her title to chief EPA mythbuster if representatives keep using congressional hearings as a forum to boo-hoo to her about cooked-up regulations they know are fallacies yet continue to insist her agency is preparing to promulgate.

Though she sometimes cracks a knowing smile from the witness chair, Jackson is always her gracious, measured and down-to-earth self when she patiently explains to one committee or another that the Environmental Protection Agency does not now — and will not in the future — regulate cow flatulence, farm dust or milk spilled on dairy farms.

Those familiar with the hearing room-as-theater scenario in the nation's capital are accustomed to these sorts of ploys. But even hardened veterans are questioning why Republicans are persisting with this sideshow act when they have created a serious firestorm on center stage by trying to slash EPA's budget by one-third for the remainder of the fiscal year and threatening to prevent Jackson from deploying the Clean Air Act to curb emissions from heat-trapping gases.

Environmental law professor Pat Parenteau, who specializes in Congress and the EPA, is mortified by what he's seeing and hearing.

"Not only is it a circus, it's hypocrisy on stilts," he told SolveClimate News in an interview. "It reminds me of the kids in grade school who like to throw spitballs when the teacher's back is turned."

Parenteau thought Jackson summed up the GOP's antics perfectly when she told the March 10: "These mischaracterizations are more than simple distractions. They prevent real dialogue to address our greatest problems."

Repetition Creates Truths

Republicans appear to be subscribing to the school of thought that if you repeat anything enough times, it becomes an accepted truth. Just as the "estate tax" morphed into the "death tax," they are relentless in trying to classify EPA as an activist agency.

What better way to depict that supposed overstepping than depicting EPA authorities as intent on killing American agriculture by forcing farmers to rein in dust loosened by a plow, milk accidentally dumped from a collection tank, or gas that cows emit from both ends?

Don Carr, a Washington-based spokesman for the , has heard all three of these fabrications over and over. Like other green organizations, his employer works to dispel lies that he calls "creations of agricultural lobbies that are fearful of any type of regulation."

During her recent committee appearances, Jackson has told her accusing questioners that EPA has not proposed a rule to regulate farm dust. At the March 10 hearing before the agriculture panel, she explained once again that a lobbyist created the oft-derided myth of a "cow tax" back in 2008. The nonpartisan has , Jackson said.

A March 3 exchange with Rep. Jeff Flake was just one of the times Jackson has debunked the idea that the animal fats in spilled milk would be regulated just like leaked oil as part of the Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure rule.

"What's next? Sippy cups in the House cafeteria?" the Arizona Republican asked Jackson sarcastically. "Is this not overreach?"

 The President of the Irish

 The President of the Irish Farmers Association said recently that the policies of the Green party in the Irish Republic would hinder economic growth and also hinder job creation and exports.  In the recent general election in the Irish Republic all six Green Party members lost their seats!   Green policies in the US could also destroy agriculture in the US

All things have a natural

All things have a natural lifespan; nothing lasts forever; I can't wait for the Good Old Party to relinquish it's deluded grip on life and pass to become the Best Dead Party...

The GOP do not go far enough.

The EPA wants to classify the basic building block of all life, carbon and carbon dioxide, as a poison? The trace gas CO2 is plant fertilizer, increasing it results in an increase in plant growth. I ate carbon for breakfast. I breathed out carbon dioxide, all the time. My dog is made from carbon.

For what - average temperatures have been falling for 12 years. Falling.

CO2 levels do not correlate with rising temperatures.

This is the Agency that mandated people use Mercury Vapor flurescent lamps in there homes. This is expected to create massive enviromental poisoning of landfills in the near future, and mercury poisoning in individuals immediatly! It may reduce carbon emissions a little, but CO2 is a plant fertilizer, and mercury is a poison.

The EPA managers should be made to do basic high school science, if it is still taught where they come from.

GOP needs to keep going until

GOP needs to keep going until EPA is closed.  It is complete ignorance to call carbon dioxide a pollutant.

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