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Louisiana Issues Nation's First GHG Permits, but Questions Linger

The EPA found major deficiencies with the state-issued permits, leaving open questions over who is ultimately in charge

Mar 22, 2011
Industry near New Orleans, Louisiana

But even with greenhouse gas controls, St. James Parish residents are concerned that adding another facility to the 140-plus industrial plants between Baton Rouge and New Orleans would further pollute the southern region's air and water.

In addition to CO2 levels, the modified pig iron facility will still emit high levels of sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides per year, as well as mercury, arsenic and benzene, the Sierra Club said.

Some neighbors are already seeking a buyout from Nucor and area industries to relocate the community of Romeville away from the facilities.

Nucor iron facilities

In this state we are on one hand selling the state as a tourist attraction while at the same time we are killing the state's environment. Last summer we had an oil spill that just about killed our seafood industry yet we are crying to have the moratorium on deep water drilling lifted.  The Nucor plant joins the 140 plants polluting  the south east section of the state.  These plants are killing thousands each year from cancer while all we (the governor and others) can think about is the jobs these plants are creating.  I know Louisiana is at the bottom in eduction but I know that we could think of other ways to create jobs.  We have become the dumping ground for these plants because we provide them tax cuts and lenient permits for greenhouse emissions.

What a shame we think so little of this beautiful area  of t he state and its people.

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