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In Oakland, A Creative Strategy for Financing the City's Solar Roofs

Using a new "crowdfunding" program called Solar Mosaic, the city is selling solar tiles to locals for $100 a pop and installing them on public buildings

Apr 22, 2011

The city of Oakland, Calif., is getting its residents to help build out a clean energy economy, one solar tile at a time.

By selling 5,000 tiles at $100 each to locals, the city is aiming to piece together entire rooftop solar arrays at seven budget-strapped schools, youth centers and houses of worship. A team of Oaklanders will be trained and hired to install the panels by as early as July.

The city's efforts are part of a pilot program called Solar Mosaic, a web-based marketplace for community solar initiatives that launched on April 15.

Using the "crowdfunding" model, residents can help generate energy savings and scale back greenhouse gas emissions without having to shell out tens of thousands of dollars for a solar installation at home.

They'll also help create jobs for a budding green-collar workforce in a city with the state's highest crime rates and where 17.5 percent of people live below the poverty line, compared to 13 percent nationally.

"There is this huge gap between the population that wants to go solar and the people that actually have," Billy Parish, president of Solar Mosaic, told SolveClimate News.

"We saw an opportunity to connect those dots."

Parish said he and fellow co-founder Daniel Rosen first conceived of the mosaic concept while working to develop renewable energy projects with Native American tribes in the U.S. Southwest and Great Plains regions.

"We realized that the obstacles that the tribes faced were the same obstacles that schools, places of worship, community centers and other nonprofits around the country faced" — namely, a lack of cash needed to go solar or pay off high interest rates on loans.

"For the last ten months, we've been on a journey to figure out the best way to enable and catalyze community solar and have found a model that works," he said.

With offices in Flagstaff, Ariz., and Berkeley, Calif., the team began eyeing Northern Arizona and the San Francisco Bay Area as pilot sites.

And then, Van Jones, co-founder of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Oakland, called to say that an anonymous celebrity had offered to donate up to $250,000 to support green job creation in the city.

Van Jones on Board

The Ella Baker Center provides jobs training for Oaklanders who can't find employment due to a criminal record or lack of education or skills. Its Green-Collar Jobs Campaign advocates for renewable energy policies while supporting pilot programs like Solar Mosaic to help create long-term careers for residents.

Jones briefly served as the special adviser for green jobs and innovation on the White House Council on Environmental Quality, until he was forced to resign in 2009 for comments he allegedly made in connection with a 1990s fringe political group and for signing a petition in 2004 from the 911 Truth movement.

His Rebuild the Dream initiative, which aims to foster economic prosperity for all, is also supporting the crowdfunding program.

Solar Mosaic will use the celebrity gift to match the tile sales one-by-one: For every tile a community member buys, the donation will cover another. The project team will then select and train a local workforce to complete an estimated 2,240 job hours to install and operate the panels.

Abel Habtegeorgis, spokesperson for the Ella Baker Center, said that the project "addresses unemployment and the need for green energy at the same time.

"We see the green economy as an opportunity to lift folks out of poverty. In Oakland, you're seeing a re-engagement of our most vulnerable communities into environmental issues."

He added: "As California goes, so goes to the rest of the world. So it is critically important ... that we make sure this is an inclusive model that preaches equality and equity."

It's great to see this

It's great to see this crowdfunding model being succesfully implemented in gov.  Thanks for sharing.

A Great Earth Day Story

This is a nice read... very happy and proud to see California state residents working together to create a cleaner and greener environment...

"We see the green economy as an opportunity to lift folks out of poverty. In Oakland, you're seeing a re-engagement of our most vulnerable communities into environmental issues."

As poverty and crime can be related, this is indicative of a changing environment for sure...

A great Earth Day Story

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