Suncor upgrader complex next to the Athabasca River

Improved Oil Sands Monitoring: Where Do Things Stand?

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For years, Alberta has relied on a program called RAMP, or Regional Aquatics Monitoring, to monitor the impact of its booming oils sands industry on water quality.

The system recently flunked a number of independent reviews. And a slew of scientific studies have shown that high levels of toxic pollutants in the Athabasca River are linked to oil sands mining.

A RAMP spokesperson told us this week that the group "is working to address concerns raised in recent panel reports."

Lisa Song of SolveClimate News spoke with William Donahue of the environmental group , who explains that RAMP is still very much operating, and sizes up government efforts to try to fix the system. 

(Photo: Chris Evans, The Pembina Institute, )

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