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Boiling Point: How Politicians, Big Oil and Coal, Journalists, and Activists Have Fueled a Climate Crisis

Oct 20, 2008

In Boiling Point, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Ross Gelbspan points an unwavering finger at the culprits of global warming -- not only is the current U.S. administration to blame, he argues, but journalists and activists are as well. Gelbspan says what began as an initial response of many institutions -- denial and delay -- has now grown into a crime against humanity. The fossil fuel industry is directing the Bush administration's energy and climate policies, the media is minimizing the story, and environmental activists are unwittingly worsening the crisis by forming alliances and making compromises. In his new introduction, Gelbspan reveals that the outlook isn't getting better. The climate continues to change with increasing acceleration: hurricanes devastated Florida; rainfall patterns left two million people starving in Kenya; 2004 was the fourth hottest year on record. Both a passionate call-to-arms and a thoughtful roadmap for change, Boiling PointGelbspan reveals what's at stake for our fragile planet.