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AB 32

Investors see Global Warming Solutions Act as a catalyst for innovation
Financiers and venture capitalists are joining California environmentalists in an unlikely alliance...
Oct 4, 2010 | Read More
Defenders Up Against Deep Pockets and Fearmongering Over Higher Energy prices
Within the next few days, the expectation here is that California's renewable energy and emissions...
May 18, 2010 | Read More
Opponents Say AB 32 Will Add Costs; Supporters Say Those Costs Already Exist
Economists, particularly economists at conservative think tanks, have been busy this month telling...
Apr 28, 2010 | Read More
If California’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction law, AB 32, is suspended or poorly implemented...
Apr 14, 2010 | Read More
Perceptions of whether California’s Global Warming Solutions Act, AB 32, is going to save or...
Feb 22, 2010 | Read More
'There’s One Agenda Here: To Kill Our Attempt to Have a Clean Energy Economy'
In 2006, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed into law Assembly Bill 32, the first state...
Feb 18, 2010 | Read More