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carbon trading

A coal-fired power plant in Victoria, Australia
If agreed by parliament later this year, the emissions market would be only the second national scheme outside Europe, following the lead of New Zealand
CANBERRA—Australia's government, fighting a slump in popularity over plans to price carbon, said on...
Jun 30, 2011 | Read More
Gov. Jerry Brown
Calif. is expected to launch a carbon market in January. It's the last hope of many to revive a U.S. climate agenda, but Gov. Brown may still make changes
LOS ANGELES, CA.—California Governor Jerry Brown could still make changes to the state's ambitious...
Apr 18, 2011 | Read More
New Jersey’s potential withdrawal from the 10-state Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative would deal a major blow to the cap-and-trade scheme
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is re-evaluating the state's participation in a regional carbon...
Apr 11, 2011 | Read More
Climate justice advocates 'cyberjack' EU carbon trading website on heels of climate bill's death in Congress
Just after right-wing conservatives worked to successfully block a Senate measure last week that...
Jul 26, 2010 | Read More