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Clean Air Act

Gina McCarthy during the hearing on June 30th
Next week's transport rule is aimed at curbing smog and soot at power plants in 30-plus states. Next up: EPA's controversial mercury rule, expected in Nov.
Update (July 7): EPA announced on July 7 the finalized Cross State Air Pollution Rule, which will...
Jul 1, 2011 | Read More
Mountaintop removal mining in Virginia
A vote is expected next week on bipartisan legislation that would restrict the power of EPA rules covering mountaintop mining, waterways and wetlands
WASHINGTON—Conservationists knew that new GOP anti-regulatory muscle in the 112th Congress would be...
Jun 29, 2011 | Read More
Already-underfunded clean air bureaus are set to lose millions, according to figures from the National Association of Clean Air Agencies. Can they cope?
WASHINGTON—Those conducting triage on the gimpy EPA budget that limped out of the U.S. Capitol in...
Apr 27, 2011 | Read More
Rep. Earl Blumenauer of Oregon
With his new amendment, Rep. Blumenauer aims to get Republicans to own up to an agenda of falsely casting EPA CO2 rules as an 'energy tax on America'
WASHINGTON—As the House preps for a vote as soon as today on what's touted as the "Energy Tax...
Apr 6, 2011 | Read More
Senator Bernie Sanders
Four amendments to curb EPA's ability to cut CO2 are on the table, causing anxiety among many, though observers wonder if the votes will ever occur
WASHINGTON—For weeks, a slew of conservative senators has been crowing about crippling EPA's...
Apr 4, 2011 | Read More
Sen. Mike Johanns of Nebraska
A peer-reviewed study showed Clean Air rules would yield $2 trillion in benefits; Sens. Jim Inhofe and Mike Johanns move legislation for a new tally
WASHINGTON— Senators Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma and Mike Johanns of Nebraska have no quibble with the...
Mar 21, 2011 | Read More
Coal-fired power plants
An ongoing fight in Congress to limit EPA’s role in regulating greenhouse gases is obscuring the importance of these long-overdue rules to public health
This week the Environmental Protection Agency is expected to release new standards for coal- and...
Mar 14, 2011 | Read More
senator james inhofe
Insiders predict that GOP leaders may compromise on the environmental front to avoid the government shutdowns that sullied the party's image in the 1990s
WASHINGTON—During this tenuous time when dozens of House Republicans and coal-state Democrats...
Mar 7, 2011 | Read More
The regulation of greenhouse gases needs to have as many institutions addressing it as possible, experts say
WASHINGTON—Ask environmental advocates for their reaction to the Supreme Court decision to hear...
Jan 6, 2011 | Read More
Power plant at night
Every other state has complied with the tailoring rule that kicked in Jan. 2, even if officials have filed lawsuits challenging the EPA
WASHINGTON—It took a somewhat fancy legal two-step, but Texas has managed to become the sole state...
Jan 4, 2011 | Read More