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Timber from Indonesia
To survive, REDD will likely need investment to flow from a functioning international carbon market — which, outside the EU, is in a perilous state
The world's forests are in greater danger than ever, as a United Nations mechanism intended to...
Jul 1, 2011 | Read More
Logging Road East Kalimantan
The long-awaited moratorium orders government institutions to freeze issuing new permits to log or convert primary forests and peatlands for two years
Indonesia's President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono inked into law a two-year moratorium on new...
May 19, 2011 | Read More
GAR, the world's second-biggest palm oil producer, has vowed to stop razing Indonesian forests that are especially rich in carbon and biodiversity
The world's second biggest palm oil company has agreed to halt deforestation in valuable areas of...
Feb 10, 2011 | Read More
For the first time, users can view the geographic extent of mountaintop removal operations in Appalachia
by Nick Price and Logan Yonavjak, WRI Mountaintop removal has become an increasingly contentious...
Aug 8, 2010 | Read More
Twisted interpretation of findings by local agribusiness interests is tinder in effort to roll back rainforest protection
Brazilian agribusiness interests are igniting a firestorm in their national Congress that may end...
Jun 30, 2010 | Read More
Rich nations insist on allowing accounting trick that would hide true emissions
At this week's global climate talks in Bonn, developing countries have begun fighting a gambit by...
Jun 7, 2010 | Read More
Logging rules for rich could undermine climate talks, must be tossed out in Bonn, advocates warn
Rich nations are pushing to lock in a logging loophole at the United Nations climate talks in Bonn...
May 31, 2010 | Read More
Stakeholders end long-running feud to protect more than 70 million acres of boreal forest
Millions of acres of boreal forest — one of the largest storehouses of carbon on Earth — will be...
May 19, 2010 | Read More
An eyewitness account considers the future world from a present catastrophe
Perhaps the most often used phrase spoken to visitors to the city of Port au Prince is “Welcome to...
May 15, 2010 | Read More
The Shift to Urban Living Changes Agriculture and Consumption Patterns
Stopping tropical deforestation is something that almost everyone can agree upon as a reasonable...
Mar 23, 2010 | Read More