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Scholastic Inc., the world's largest publisher of children's books, partnered with the American...
May 15, 2011 | Read More
ACE presentation
The Alliance for Climate Education's climate science programs have reached nearly 750,000 students...
Apr 11, 2011 | Read More
ACE presentation
The Alliance for Climate Education, founded in 2009 with an an advisory panel of IPCC scientists, has already reached 750,000 students nationwide
Climate change has become a household term in America, but that doesn't mean most people grasp the...
Apr 11, 2011 | Read More
Teachers are largely ignoring a Board of Ed demand to spread doubt about man-made global warming, a SolveClimate investigation finds
Last March, the Texas State Board of Education approved controversial language in the curriculum...
Jun 1, 2010 | Read More
How to Get Facts Through the Static of an Emotionally Charged Culture War
Over the last two years, doubts about climate change have risen in the U.S., while concerns that...
Apr 22, 2010 | Read More
DOE Estimates Energy Efficiency Jobs Could Triple in 10 Years, But Training Lags
Ever since the phrase “smart grid” started showing up in news articles, analysts have been looking...
Apr 13, 2010 | Read More
Forty years ago this week, the Apollo 11 mission touched down on the surface of the moon, and the...
Jul 24, 2009 | Read More
China is putting its students to work this summer as climate ambassadors to spread the word about...
Jul 2, 2009 | Read More
A lot of adults, it seems, have a hard time wrapping their minds around basic Earth science (just...
Jun 14, 2009 | Read More