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Electric Vehicles

Hydrogen fuel-cell test station at the International Center for Hydrogen Energy
Turkey has become home to cutting-edge technology advances in hydrogen energy, which some say can fill crucial niches within a larger clean energy economy
ISTANBUL, Turkey—At the end of June, Henry Puna, prime minister of the Cook Islands, a 90-square-...
Aug 5, 2011 | Read More
Mayor Boris Johnson's plan includes a £1m pot designed to offer a reduction in the purchase price for taxi drivers upgrading to low-emission vehicles
All new London black cabs will be electric by 2020 as part of London mayor Boris Johnson's drive...
Dec 14, 2010 | Read More
What the EV boom could mean for mass transit and sustainable cities in the U.S.
Electric vehicles or mass transit -- which option will lead to a more sustainable future? Follow...
Jun 29, 2010 | Read More
Bipartisan bills introduced in both the House and Senate would electrify half of all U.S. cars and trucks by 2030
WASHINGTON—Seven Democratic and Republican legislators are proposing a prescription for the...
Jun 2, 2010 | Read More
Move Over Batteries, Here Comes the EV Powertrain
EVO Electric’s chief technology officer shared an important bit of news with a room full of...
Mar 2, 2010 | Read More
Getting 500,000 electric cars on the world's roads by 2015 – 1 percent of all the autos produced...
Sep 2, 2009 | Read More
Solar Charging Station
It's known as the Windy City, but its vehicle fleet could someday be powered by the sun. Chicago...
Apr 17, 2009 | Read More