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Documents and interviews reveal that one Pa. water utility has already leased its watershed to gas drillers — and many others are being courted
Cynthia Walter, an ecologist at St. Vincent College outside Pittsburgh, gets a lot of emails from...
Jul 19, 2011 | Read More
Speaker Sheldon Silver
The NYS Assembly passed a one-year ban on new drilling permits that would run through June 1, 2012, replacing the current ban set to expire this summer
ALBANY, New York—The New York State Assembly on Monday passed a one-year moratorium on hydraulic...
Jun 7, 2011 | Read More
Marcellus Shale
A study on the impact of fracking in Pennsylvania and New York shows water within1 kilometer of gas wells has methane levels over 17 times normal
For the first time, a scientific study has linked natural gas drilling and hydraulic fracturing...
May 10, 2011 | Read More
Barn in Montrose Susquehanna County, Pa.
The Aubrees were the lone holdouts against a developer's plan to tap gas in their small town. Now, living in the shadow of drilling rigs, they're leaving
Editor's Note: SolveClimate News reporter Elizabeth McGowan traveled to Northeastern Pennsylvania...
May 3, 2011 | Read More
Tower for horizontal drilling
Pennslyvania has a total of 4.5 million acres of public lands. Estimates show that as few as 500,000 of these are permanently protected from gas drilling
Editor's Note: Some laud natural gas as cleaner burning, home-grown energy — a "bridge" fuel to a...
Apr 26, 2011 | Read More
Residents fear that fracking for gas will cause permanant harm to their forests, state parks and agricultural fields — in addition to their water and air
Editor's Note: Some laud natural gas as cleaner burning, home-grown energy — a "bridge" fuel to a...
Apr 25, 2011 | Read More
Paul Lumia, executive director of the North Branch Land Trust
Gas developers would pay the land trust at least $15 million to drill on its acres. The group's divided board is taking a wait-and-see aproach for now
Editor's Note: Some laud natural gas as cleaner burning, home-grown energy — a "bridge" fuel to a...
Apr 18, 2011 | Read More
Drilling rig
Michigan, one of the last states to join the gas drilling boom, is enacting strict rules against the industry to protect its water before it's too late
As one of the last states to join the natural gas hydraulic fracturing fray, Michigan might be one...
Feb 22, 2011 | Read More
In one of the first studies to observe the full course of drilling, scientists found that a well and a pipeline killed trees but did not affect groundwater
A new report by the U.S. Forest Service offers one of the most detailed accounts yet of how...
Feb 6, 2011 | Read More
Industry says "yes," but environmental groups say voluntary disclosure is insufficient, as national web tool takes shape
A coalition of state water regulators is introducing a first-ever national Web tool to post...
Oct 19, 2010 | Read More