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Without National Policies, U.S. Will Lag Behind in a Growing Industry
As countries around the world set emissions targets and ramp up their national climate policies,...
Mar 25, 2010 | Read More
Deutsche Bank last week released a research note of curious interest just ahead of this busy week...
Sep 23, 2009 | Read More
Like a household that has been living beyond its means, the world has been expending more...
Sep 15, 2009 | Read More
A consortium of 20 blue chip German firms has thrown its weight behind the gigantic Desertec Sahara...
Jul 8, 2009 | Read More
Germany plans to bring a slew of new dirty coal plants online by 2012 and even later, Reuters...
May 1, 2009 | Read More
GM news of the day: SolarWorld, the Germany-based maker of solar photovoltaic systems, has...
Nov 19, 2008 | Read More
As rumored, New York-based private equity giant Blackstone Group is pouring $1.5 billion into an...
Jul 17, 2008 | Read More
Give hot rocks a chance. That's all the geothermal experts have been saying. And now, it seems,...
Jun 6, 2008 | Read More