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greenhouse gases

The Environmental Improvement Board approves a controversial plan to restrict greenhouse gases starting in 2012. The state can now trade carbon allowances
WASHINGTON—Call it Bill Richardson’s last green hurrah.  Even though cap-and-trade measures...
Nov 10, 2010 | Read More
Extent of sea ice shrinks to third-lowest ever in the satellite record
After a false alarm earlier this month, the 2010 Arctic sea ice melt season has come to a close,...
Oct 1, 2010 | Read More
EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson isn't wasting any time as she begins untangling the Bush...
Feb 6, 2009 | Read More
Late last month, Andreas Troge, the head of Germany's federal environmental agency, made a bold...
Feb 6, 2009 | Read More
Do the 535 elected leaders in the United States Congress have what it takes to help America solve...
Aug 1, 2008 | Read More