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Governor boots KDHE director Bremby as agency weighs coal plant permit before EPA's Tailoring Rule kicks in
Environmentalists' hopes that a coal-fired power plant in southwestern Kansas would never get...
Nov 4, 2010 | Read More
Risky amendment in state budget bill could backfire and derail Sunflower Electric's coal plans, observers say
A last minute amendment to the Kansas budget bill seeks to bar the Environmental Protection Agency...
May 26, 2010 | Read More
Sunflower Saga Revolves Around Health, Environment Dangers Posed by CO2
Sunflower Electric Corp. today submitted a revised permit application to build a new coal plant in...
Jan 13, 2010 | Read More
The EPA issued a letter today stating that Sunflower Electric must restart the permit application...
Jul 1, 2009 | Read More
Six days after succeeding Kathleen Sebelius as governor of Kansas, Mark Parkinson announced a deal...
Jul 1, 2009 | Read More
Three vetoes weren't enough to make the Kansas Legislature rethink its push for building more coal-...
Apr 14, 2009 | Read More
Last week, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius made some remarks at Georgetown Law School to help launch...
Mar 3, 2009 | Read More
Inaction is action when it comes to climate change. EPA administrator Lisa Jackson drove that point...
Feb 18, 2009 | Read More
While other states are backing away from coal power, the Kansas Legislature seems dead set to...
Feb 12, 2009 | Read More
Plans for new coal in Kansas are unraveling. The latest? The Kansas House has failed to come up...
May 5, 2008 | Read More