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Journalists with Yvo de Boer, former Executive Secretary of the UNFCCCC
Europeans accuse the U.S. media of giving climate skeptics a disproportionate voice and perpetuating a debate that has been settled among scientists
When it comes to reporting on climate change, European media are from hothouse Venus, and their...
Jul 6, 2011 | Read More
Google Earth image
The search giant has brought together a team of 21 climate researchers to improve the way the science of global warming is communicated using new media
Climate change skeptics who have created a political megaphone in Washington may finally meet their...
Mar 18, 2011 | Read More
Journalist-turned-activist Mark Hertsgaard argues that the mainstream media is to blame for allowing climate change denial to continue on Capitol Hill
WASHINGTON—If Sen. Jim Inhofe was even remotely thinking about adding Mark Hertsgaard's newest book...
Feb 16, 2011 | Read More
Greenwashing May Work on Consumers, but Beware the Media Backlash
It’s not always the usual suspects making headlines for good “green” behavior. In fact, according...
Feb 21, 2010 | Read More
As the world gears up for the climate talks in Copenhagen next month, the mainstream media is...
Nov 3, 2009 | Read More
Things must be getting serious. At least for the planet and the environment. What else would...
May 13, 2009 | Read More