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Opening of America's first spaceport and expectation of 1000 suborbital flights a year create new source of warming pollution
Commercial space travel on private rocket ships took a major step toward reality on Oct. 25 with...
Nov 5, 2010 | Read More
An 18% increase found between 1994 and 2006 may indicate an acceleration of the global water cycle
The amount of water flowing into the oceans has slowly but steadily increased in recent years,...
Oct 8, 2010 | Read More
Best evidence yet from 11 different indicators measured by multiple data sets stretching back to 1850s
Global temperatures in the first half of the year were the hottest since records began more than a...
Jul 28, 2010 | Read More
Ice is thinning, with holes like Swiss cheese, even faster than its area is shrinking
On June 21, the sun reaches its highest point in the sky; it is the summer solstice in the northern...
Jun 23, 2010 | Read More
Government Sites Provide Public with Data to Counter Disinformation Campaigns
With opponents of U.S. climate action sowing doubt about science and climate scientists, federal...
Mar 10, 2010 | Read More
A Solar Minimum Would Cool Temps, but Not Enough to Balance Human Activity
Solar cycles of magnetic fields and sunspots have become a popular foothold for climate change...
Feb 19, 2010 | Read More
Global warming IS a time bomb. There may still be time to defuse it, but that requires policy-...
Nov 23, 2009 | Read More
One of the greatest technical challenges facing climate science has been the lack of a global...
Mar 3, 2009 | Read More
The 30 billion tons of carbon dioxide that human activities produce annually is a global problem,...
Feb 24, 2009 | Read More